A round of applause!!

Over the past year our employees have gone the extra mile to ensure our customer’s LC/MS instruments are serviced and repaired through what has been an incredibly challenging time.

We service instrumentation and support customers across the globe but the simple task of hopping on a train, plane or a ferry to reach customers has become a logistical nightmare jumping through the hoops of local restrictions, testing and paperwork.

In the office dealing with breakdowns and parts shipping has been a huge day to day challenge with so much uncertainty and reactiveness required. The level of forward planning that we are accustomed to has been reduced to last minute brow perspiring madness awaiting test results to meet the now common 72 hour negative test requirements to be able to travel and complete work.

In some cases this has meant long trips away from family and home. In other cases we have had to perform remote PMs where restrictions were so difficult that even a visit with a 72hr negative test period was not enough.

Despite all this everyone has pulled together the way we do at Providion and met our customer’s needs. We would like to thank everyone for their support and understanding during this period but we also salute our employees who have done a superb job throughout the pandemic.

Well done Team!