Fully documented and tested validation services

Developed by our experienced technical experts who know and understand your instrument, our validation protocols (IQ/OQ/PQ) ensure you meet external compliance requirements. And if you operate in a GLP or GMP environment, we work with you to make sure our services address your established quality protocols.


Mass Spectrometer Validation & Qualification Services

Installation Qualification (IQ) establishes that the instrument is received as designed and specified and has been properly installed in the selected environment.

All IQ requirements need to be satisfied and completed before the OQ/PQ can commence. The IQ has to be renewed after moving the instrument to another location or laboratory.

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Operational Qualification / Performance Qualification  (OQ/PQ) ensures that the instrument functions correctly to the manufacturer’s specification.

OQ/PQ helps to qualify the analytical system for correct operation in the customer’s laboratory. The OQ/PQ has to be renewed after moving the instrument to another location or laboratory or after a preventative maintenance (PM) service or a significant instrument repair.

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Benefits of Providion Validation Services :

Certified engineers with many years of instrument experience

Providion ensures completion of all necessary audit ready documentation

Requalification service after instrument repair if necessary