Technical Support Packages

Providion offers support packages to suit your needs and budget. Our basic technical support is free for all customers but if you want more support with an advanced Teamviewer option then we can provide an annual support package that gives you complete peace of mind. All customers receive a 30 minute call back from an engineer.

Basic Technical Support

It may be our basic level of support but sometimes just a solution to your problem is just a phone call or email away. And with a 30 minute call back from an engineer you know you will get the help you need quickly.

Did you know? Over 45% of breakdowns logged with our team are resolved over the phone or by email.

Advanced Technical Support with Teamviewer

Customers who take out a service contract receive Advanced technical support and also benefit from remote help via TeamViewer enhanced AR to enable our Engineer to help you or  your on-site technician fix the issue under expert guidance.

This option is available to non-contract customers for a per incident fee, or unlimited for a monthly or annual subscription. Subscription charge is dependent on number of systems to be covered.

In-House Technician Support

For sites with multiple, critical use systems training your own personnel to perform front line troubleshooting and PMs makes perfect budget and time efficient sense. Package includes:

  • PM delivery training for in-house technicians
  • Training carried out on your system
  • PM kits supplied
  • Access to advanced technical support throughout year
  • Rapid response for all repairs
  • Discount on repair parts where possible
  • Holiday and sickness cover if required
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