Oil Sealed Rotary Pump Repair

In partnership with VACPRO, we repair, and service most makes and models of rough and rotary pumps.

VACPRO has served the vacuum market in Denmark and Scandinavia since 2006 and is recognised as one of the leading vacuum equipment sales and service providers in Scandinavia. Having now established themselves in the UK, they offer a complete vacuum pump service through their ISO9001 certified workshops and fully trained technicians, along with a huge range of spares and replacement parts for all the major manufacturers of vacuum equipment including Edwards, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Agilent/Varian and Leybold.

Providion and VACPRO complement each other perfectly and provide the same level of reliable, quality repair services that our customers depend on us to deliver.

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Repair and Overhaul Service

Our standard repair and overhaul service includes:

Visual external inspection of pump for damage
Pump stripped and visual inspection of all internal components for any wear/damage
Inspect and clean the inlet filter
Clean oil sight glasses
Replace oil mist filter elements in the mist filter (if mounted)
Strip and clean pump interior
Replace all O-rings, seals and gaskets
Inspect and clean gas ballast mechanism
Inspect and clean oil return assembly
Replacement of the vacuum blades (if required)
Replace oil
Pump re-sprayed
Vibration and temperature levels checked
Pump tested to original OEM new specifications
A full inspection report with pictures & final test report emailed to customer
12 month warranty

Major Overhaul and Repairs are available.

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