At the end of every quarter we take a look back at our repair stats to see how well we have done, supporting our clients in the best and quickest way possible so that they have minimal downtime with their systems. Here are our response times from Q1 2020 along with a few testimonials we received from our lovely customers.

Summary of all repair times

Out of all of the repairs logged in Q1 2020, 53% were fixed remotely via the phone and / or via email.

17% were repaired in 48 hours

53% were fixed remotely

30% were repaired in 24 hours

Repair time spent on site

3% took 1/2 – 1 day

38% took 1 – 2 days

17% took 2 – 3 days

8% took 3 – 4 days

0% took 4 – 5 days


100% of issues logged, received a call back from one of our engineers within 30 minutes.



“Team were amazing as always. They explain in detail the work performed and are very efficient in the paperwork, they are also very much felt to be part of the team. It was great the way Providion reacted to the issues encountered and sent another engineer. They very quickly organised the shipment of the required parts and are always efficient in supplying the final paperwork. The providion team always pull together to get a great job done.” – Tracy, Simbec

“Great job.” – Fabian, Chromsystems

“All quick and efficient as usual!” – Gunter, Reading Uni

“Perfect work” – Patrick, Interlabor

“Excellent as always, thanks for being on site so quickly.” – Ruth, Charles River

“Perfect” – Regina, Boehringer

“Absolutely great service as always!” – Christin, Evotec

“Thank you for the quick delivery.” – Anastasiia, Novations