Providion are proud to have been chosen as the exclusive distributor for PIC Solution extensive range of SFC Products.

Modern CO2 chromatography (SFC) excels at separating and purifying a wide range of chiral and achiral small molecules, natural products and small peptides relevant to the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Food, Natural Products (Hemp), Chemical Materials, and Environmental industries. SFC can be seen as another form of liquid chromatography that happens to use carbon dioxide as the mobile phase.

PIC-Lab Analytical SFC

PIC-Lab Analytical SFC system is a powerful tool for automated method development and routine analysis/QC/profiling of crude reaction mixtures, purification fractions, natural products extracts and final products. The system is offered with 10 or 20 columns running in parallel for faster analysis.

PIC-Lab Hybrid SFC

The PIC-Lab Hybrid SFC is a “One Machine – Multiple Use” system providing both automated analytical method development and semi-preparative purification. The system is ideal for rapid selection of optimal stationary and mobile phases, scale-up studies and purification.


PIC-Lab PREP 100 SFC is the only open-bed, preparative scale SFC system with CO2 recycling and a GLS technology enabling clean collection of up to 95% of fraction tube volume. Designed for efficient mass-, UV- and/or time-triggered purification in a non-stacked or stacked injections mode. Automation of analytical method development and analysis of collected fractions can be achieved with the optional analytical SFC module


PIC-Lab SUPER SFC series operates at total flow rates of 200-800 mL/min to allow purification of hundreds of grams to a few kilogram of one sample per day. A specific instrument size can be designed to fit your workflow and for processing the amount of sample you need to purify. These “One Machine – Multiple Use” systems can be upgraded to also perform in-line or independent CO2 Extraction.


Industrial scale SFC purification at flow rate of 1000 mL/min or greater to accommodate 7.6-30 cm i.d. DAC columns and facilitate daily automated multi-kilograms purification of small molecules, Hemp extracts and other natural products.