Waters LCT Premier with Agilent 1100


The LCT Premier™ time-of-flight (TOF) mass spectrometer features a ZSpray source with electrospray ionization (ESI) and modular LockSpray™ interface. V-Transmission provides >5000 Full Width Half Maximum resolution (FWHM) and W-Transmission provides >10,000 FWHM resolution. Standard pumps would be E1M18 and E2M28.

The Agilent G1312A Binary Pump has 4 solvent inlets and built in gradient control. The Agilent 1100 Series G1312A Bin Pump ensures virtually pulse-free and stable solvent flow, with dual floating pistons in series, precisely servo-controlled. This design with variable stroke volume allows pulse-free solvent delivery and efficient mixing. An inlet-valve electronically activated and synchronized to piston stroke-eliminates vapor formation with volatile solvents and is maintenance free.
It can be remotely controlled via chemstation software or by an external G1323 controller. Flow range:  Set points 0.001 – 5 ml/min, in 0.001 ml/min increments, with a flow range of 0.1 – 5.0 ml/min
. Delay volume 180 – 480 uL without mixer, 600 – 900 uL with mixer. The HP/Agilent 1100 Control Module Model G1323A (Gameboy) provides complete local control and monitoring of a single module or an entire Agilent 1100 Series system.CTC autosampler with an open bed layout.


MassLynx v4.1 User (1) MassLynx intelligently controls any Waters mass spectrometry system, from sample and solvent management components to mass spectrometer and auxiliary detectors. MassLynx Software may acquire nominal mass, exact mass, MS/MS and exact mass MS/MS data.
MaxEnt 1 is a proprietary software tool for the deconvolution of multiply charged electro-spray spectra with enhancement of spectral resolution and signal to noise. Complex biopolymer mass spectra, containing molecular ions in a related series of charge states are re-plotted into a homogenous (virtual Z = 0) charge state representation. The power of probabilistic techniques allows the inference of a single molecular mass peak from a series of multiply charged m/z peaks in the raw data. The inference improves resolution and also enhances signal to noise. MaxEnt1 is optimized for high mass species.
Software licences are the responsibility of the customer.

Includes 3 month warranty. Extended warranty available.

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