The PIC-Lab SUPER SFC Series is for bulk-scale purification of enantiomers and complex mixtures of small molecules, peptides, Hemp extracts and other natural products . At larger scale purification, the efficient and sustainable CO2 Separation (SFC) technique dramatically reduces operating costs because it is faster, recycles CO2, uses less energy and much less solvent when compared to HPLC.

Fully automated systems fitted with standard detectors and a co-solvent pump to enable isocratic or gradient modes. Configurations with a single-quad mass spectrometer are also available upon request.

Key Features

  • Diaphragm CO2 pump is highly accurate, durable, reliable with high efficiency
  • Stacked injection with seamless injection module for fast and reliable cycles
  • Back Pressure Regulator based on robust and intelligent PIC solution design
  • Detection using standard UV, ELSD detectors or single-quad mass spectrometer
  • Instrument operations managed by a Program Logic Controller (PLC) affording continuous, reliable robust and unattended operations. Easy-to use PIC-Lab proprietary software is used for methods programing and data visualization.

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