PIC-Lab PREP 100 SFC-MS HT is a new generation of open-bed collection systems offering routine mass-triggered and UV-triggered purification of small molecules, peptides and natural products important for drug discovery. The instrument is designed for automated mg to multi-grams separations of either singleton or libraries of chiral and achiral.

The Hybrid configuration of the PIC-Lab PREP 100 SFC-MS HT is designed to add automated analytical method development and automated analysis of collection fractions. In the configuration where the open-bed module is removed, the PIC-Lab PREP 100 SFC will process separations one-compound at a time.

Key Features

  • Proprietary GLS technology: Optimal GLS for accurate and clean collection to enable filling up to 95% of fraction tubes capacity and to support CO2 recycling at maximum flow rate of 100 mL/min
  • Separated injection & collection: For optimal speed and reliability, the injection module is separated from the collection module. Each of the injection module and the collection module have a flexible layout accepting a 96-well plate footprint or racks determined by your needs
  • Stacked and non-stacked injections: Non-stacked injections are ideal for library purification. Stacked injections can be performed using the injection robot for fast separation of singleton. Alternatively stacked injections using the collection robot is available when automated separation of a half a dozen or more chiral/achiral compounds requiring multiple injections each is needed.
  • Instrument control: All system operations are managed by a Program Logic Controller (PLC) affording high reliability and robustness. The user interfaces with the instrument for sequence programming, fraction tracking and data visualization through the easy-to-use PIC Solution proprietary software.