PIC-Lab Hybrid SFC

PIC-Lab Hybrid SFC models were conceived for users who wish to carry out method development, preparative separations and fraction analysis on a single system. The compact PIC-Lab Hybrid SFC have applications in chiral and achiral separation of small molecules, peptides, Hemp and other natural products.

The PIC-Lab Hybrid SFC 20, 10-100 and 10-150 are designed for micro-scale, milligram to gram scale separations with flow rates ranging from 20 to 150 mL/min ideal for columns i.d. of 10 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm. The PIC-Lab Hybrid SFC series is also available as an open-bed system.

Key Features

  • Individual channels for each the analytical and preparative SFC provide reproducibility and robustness
  • Automated switching of column (9 analytical columns, 6 preparative columns) and up to 6 solvents
  • Instrument operations managed by a Program Logic Controller (PLC) affording high reliability and reproducibility.
  • Proprietary software on a desktop station enables user to conduct sequences programming, data visualization and processing. Intelligent software facilitates method sorting for fast screening and ranking of results ranking to assist user in speedy method selection
  • Stacked and non-stacked injections are enabled in manual, automated and extraction mode
  • CO2 recycling reaches 90-95% efficiency
  • Wide range of detectors: UV, ELSD and single-quad mass spectrometer
  • Fully automated collection by time or threshold specific to the detector

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