PIC-Lab Analytical SFC

PIC-Lab Analytical SFC models are versatile and fully automated analytical systems designed for routine analysis, profiling, method development and QC of chiral and achiral small molecules, peptides, Hemp and other and natural products.

The standard PIC-Lab Analytical SFC 10 accommodates 10 columns. Higher throughput capabilities are offered with the PIC-Lab Analytical SFC 10 NT running 2 columns in parallel for a set of 20 analytical columns.

Key Features

  • Automated switching of columns, 10-20 analytical columns, 6 preparative columns, and up to 6 solvents
  • Instrument operations managed by a Program Logic Controller (PLC) affording high reliability and reproducibility.
  • Easy-to-use software on a desktop station enables user to conduct sequences programming, data visualization and processing. Software facilitates method sorting for faster screening and rank automatically results to speed up method selection
  • Wide range of detectors: UV, ELSD and single-quad mass spectrometer
  • Fully automated collection by time or threshold specific to the detector

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