Agilent TV801/902/903 Pump Replacement Kit for Sciex API-5000


Agilent TV801/902/903 Pump Replacement Kit for Sciex API-5000 Mass Spectrometer. New pump kit consists of brand new turbo pump with on-board controller, separate power supply, cooling assy, all cabling, mounting brackets and clamps with hardware, control signal unit and dedicated IEC mains connector box.

This is a drop-in replacement and no modifications are required to existing panels and covers of the API-4000. Installation should be carried-out by a suitably qualified person, such as an experienced lab technician with good knowledge and experience of the hardware and Analyst software.

If this is not possible, contact for a quote to have a Providion Engineer perform the installation of the pump kit. Our technical support team can provide remote support by email, phone, TeamViewer, Teams or Zoom, to aid your in-house technician at no cost.

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Agilent TV801/902/903 Pump Replacement Kit

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Agilent TV801/902/903 Pump Replacement Kit. This pump has a 1 year warranty when installed by a suitably competent technician.