As part of our commitment to providing the best, most responsive & most supportive service, after each job we ask our customers how well we did, so we can use their feedback to make improvements.

What our customers say…

Yes, great that it was solved relatively easily. Still looking good and running without issues. Thanks again for the great maintenance slide deck and your support!

Florian @ Evotec

I want to point up once again your special service; on Monday Munny was here and the faulty massspectrometer has been running again since then

Christin @ Evotec

We would like to thank for your assistance and service and we are happy the API 4000 was repaired very quickly.

Marcel @ Interlab

As always your service was great, fast and very well done. Thank you!

Jens @ Aesculabor

Hey Karen, you and especially Munny handled it very well. He works always very professional but behaves very friendly. So, he is also explaining what could be the problem and why. We would love to see Munny more often but this would mean that our machines would have more breakdowns ?. So, in one sentence: We are happy to have Providion as partner

Sebastian @ Prolytic

Jitendra did a great job, everything went smoothly and without problems. The job was completed within two days, and that’s very fast. I am very satisfied with his work and the way he did it.

Winfried @ Cilag

Thank you for support - I am very impressed by support level of Providion.  Thank you and all the team!  

Vasyl @ Idealab

Your service is outstanding. Many thanks.

Raul @ Corthorne

Thanks for arranging that so promptly, and using TeamViewer saved having an engineer come all the way up to Aberdeen to do what Matt was able to do from his office/home. Much appreciated.

Gary @ Aberdeen Uni

Basker’s presence was very helpful and ensured that the Evosep LC install and training happened on time, so all good on our side. Many thanks again for your quick help with this request

Martin @ Inoviv

As always, it was a pleasure to see them and to work with them, so I am the one who must thank them. All of you are extraordinarily. I can’t imagine my work without the Providion team supporting. Thank you all!

Adriana @ SC Pharma

Yes I would like to give feedback to Jim, and some to you as well. It has been amazing service provided by you guys to resolve our issue so quickly. I contacted your team on a Friday afternoon and I got phone call from Jim within minutes to diagnose and the site visit done on Monday morning. It is a superb team work from you guys. I wish our every service contract team has the standard as you guys ?. Hugely appreciated and impressed! "Thank you very much for sorting out the paperwork and scheduling and Jim for his amazing repair!"

Bing @ BAT

I do not know other company that is working so efficiently as yours and with so great professionals in each area or department. I encourage you to continue working like this!

Jordi @ SPCEN

Providion have, as usual, provided a professional, reliable and friendly service. Their patience, understanding and help, went over and above to sort out the numerous issues we encountered with the recommissioning of a new-to-us system. Thank you all !

Sue @ Manchester University

Matt was on site to discuss contracts and noticed the pump was making a strange noise before we even knew there was an issue - Excellent service!

Tracy @ Simbec

Excellent response time, proactively ordered all possibly needed parts.

Bernd @ Evotec

All of the Providion engineers are very friendly and are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Tracy @ Simbec

Happy with the response time and help with the software issue.

Kerry @ Heptares

I am very happy with first order. I hope to pass another one as soon as possible.

Serdar @ Reoteck

As usual, following reporting of the instrument failure, I was called back quickly. The replacement part (roughing pump) arrived early the next day and so the instrument was back up and running the day after reporting the fault. I very much appreciated the swift response.

Ian @ Sequani

Like every time: Triple A

Markus @ Boehringer Ingelheim

Jim set off at 5pm to get here early, Diagnose and fixed problem. Installed new part. Also lent his experience to diagnose HPLC problem on adjacent system. Cannot fault you guys from Karen, Munny, J and Jim.

Trevor @ BAT

I would like to thank you all for your proactivity and the excellence of the service you provided us. It was really remarkable and we really appreciated it a lot.

Giulio @ Firmenich

Very well done, minimum downtime, excellent service

Bernd @ Evotec

We are very pleased with both Jim and Oli. I've learned a lot of useful information about the 4000. The 4000 is working perfectly.. so that was a good investment on our part! We are looking forward to an excellent collaboration.

@ Neoscreen

As always, the feedback is 10/10 and I wouldn't dream of using anyone else!

Rhys @ BAT Southampton

The Massspec is qualified and running again, we're very happy about the support. Matt did a great job


I am very happy that the maintenance went so quickly. *** is a very friendly, knowledgeable person and I learned some new things about mass spectrometry. As a grade, we would give an A* (First Class honours).I am looking forward to the next years and a good cooperation

Andreas @ Chromsystems

Overall Mauri is great. This is the 2nd time he hasb een to our site for a PM, and both times he was helpful and thorough. He was willing to explain what he was going to do and why he recommended the course of action. I have nothing but praise for this visit

Ryan @ Canada Food Inspections

We are always pleased to see Munny. He repaired two of our instruments efficiently and very professionally. It is good to have engineers you can really rely on

Marius @ Prolytic

Ah, Munny is amazing as usual! Very happy customer here, 10 out of 10

Bing @ BAT

Thanks it was brilliant - Basker was great: we changed the pump quickly and all was working straight away. I am also glad you did send a new pump as the old one seems to have reached the end of it's life

Gunter @ Reading University

We have been very content with Providion's responsiveness to our request for this decommissioning and move and also with the actual execution of the task which was realized within a short timeframe. As already experienced multiple times during our long-term maintenance-interaction, our counterparts at Providion were at the same time friendly, cooperatively and professionally also handling this assignment. We really did (and do) enjoy this partnership.Thanks again to the whole team at Providion!

Daniel @ Evotec

Munny was good as always. Arrived on time, nice and early and had mas_001 serviced the same day. No issues at all

Andy @ BAT

thank you for the reliable service! Repair, maintenance and qualification went smooth and without any problems, it could hardly have been better.

Winfried @ Cilag

The turbo is in my hands. Well packed! There is no external damages. Very good things! I would like to thank all the team for your support, and the follow of the order. Extremely professional.

Pierre @ Fameco

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