Why choose a Providion Service Contract?

All our Service contracts were created to provide quality, cost-effective support and maintenance solutions for your equipment.


These valuable benefits include:

Annual Preventive Maintenance

Annual Preventive Maintenance provides peace of mind, prolongs the life of your investment and helps maintain efficient business operations whilst minimising downtime. In some cases an enhanced PM program will be recommended.

Technical Help Desk

All customers have direct access to Providion’s complimentary Technical Help Desk of qualified professionals. Help Desk benefits our customers by giving them the ability to address everyday issues and seek help for any maintenance concerns without accruing additional costs. For contract customers we offer an advanced level of remote support and we resolve over 65 % of service calls through our help desk without the need for a site visit.

Guaranteed Response Times

A technician will respond within 30 minutes once a service call is received. In the event a site visit is required, we guarantee a 48 or 72 hour response time to contract holders.

Single Point of Contact

Providion delivers prompt, accurate customer service. One call to us connects you to a trained technical service representative who has the expertise to identify your particular service issue and assign your call to the appropriate technician. A single point of contact equals less confusion and a quicker resolution.

Service Management System

Providion is always looking for ways to maximize convenience and efficiency of operations. All customer logged issues are inputted directly into our system ensuring your instruments are constantly monitored for your peace of mind. Plus the invaluable traceability allows us to advise proactively on system maintenance frequency or highlight training requirements. Our engineers are supplied with electronic notebooks & tablets to quickly complete your service report, pick stock & look up instrument history giving them all the info they need to finish the job quickly.

Warehouse Inventory

Our warehouse is fully stocked with Waters and AB Sciex products and replacement hardware. All equipment is tested, serialised and ready for next-day delivery. This extensive inventory also provides our legacy customers with a reassurance they will receive the same level of care as new instrument owners.

Investment Protection

We support most Waters & AB Sciex products; therefore our customers are not forced into upgrading their systems due to lack of support. This budget-friendly feature allows Providion to strengthen your bottom line and ease budget concerns by maintaining your current system; only opting for system upgrades when it makes business sense.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Providion takes great pride in the Maintenance & Protection Programs we deliver. Our tradition of excellence is evident in the service we provide and the solutions that we offer. As innovators in our industry, we will continue providing service that is truly second to none. Let us help you find your perfect LC-MS maintenance solution.

For more information, contact a Providion Representative today at enquiries@providiongroup.com or call us on 0800 030 6896 or find more details here

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