Preventative Maintenance visits after a period of shutdown

Every lab manager knows that repairing or even replacing instruments is a costly business. Fortunately, a high-quality preventative maintenance programme not only helps protect your mass spec against major breakdowns, but keeps instruments working at maximum accuracy and productivity. Preventative Maintenance is also key after a period of shutdown, planned or not, to make sure that when you restart your instruments, they are in full working order and don’t require any replacement parts or repairs.

Due to recent circumstances a lot of labs have had to temporarily close, or reduce functions meaning that instruments which would normally run frequently or constantly have been shut down. A vital part of restarting lab functions is ensuring that your instruments are fully operational, as this will prevent potentially expensive equipment failures in the near future. OQ is also essential for maintaining compliance with UKAS and GLP/GMP.

To make sure that your instruments are performing to the manufacturer’s specification, an Operational Qualification is highly recommended and would help qualify any analytical system for correct operation in the lab.

Here at Providion we offer both Preventative Maintenance visits and Operational Qualifications. Give us a call on 0800 030 6896 to find out how we can help you ensure your instrumentation is operating safely and efficiently. Alternatively, use our on-line quote calculator to receive an immediate budgetary quote and remember you may be eligible for further discounts by contacting us directly after you have received your quote.

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