Announcing a New Turbo Pump for Sciex API 4000/5000 Mass Spectrometers!

Providion is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new, reliable, cost-effective replacement option to the expensive large interface turbo pump used on the legendary workhorse, legacy Mass Spectrometers. The new Edwards nEXT 730D is a direct drop-in replacement that has been configured to run on the Sciex system and exhaustively tested to ensure identical vacuum performance as well as instrument performance. The pump is set to run below 100% of maximum speed (typically 85%), lowering power consumption and ultimately bearing temperature, for longer bearing life. One of the major benefits of this pump is that it is user serviceable in situ – no need for expensive exchanges every few years.

The pump is supplied with on-board controller, 48V power supply that fits where the old turbo pump controller was located, Providion cooling kit and adapted brackets, clamps and cabling.

Here’s a list of some of the features and benefits of this new and exciting option;

  • Highly economical replacement option compared to OEM offering
  • Identical vacuum and instrument performance
  • Drop-in replacement with no modifications required
  • Can be installed by in-house technician or Providion Engineer (contact for quote)
  • nEXT range of pumps are proven to have great long-term reliability
  • Lower power and temperature – increased bearing life
  • User serviceable – bearings can be changed in-situ, by in-house technician – no expensive pump replacement required
  • 9Kg lighter than current version
  • Full 1 year warranty

Call us on (+44) 161 688 5225 to enquire directly about our special introductory offer, or view on our online store.

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