The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Prevention is better than… An expensive mass spec breakdown!

When a mass spec instrument fails, the costs can be enormous. Lost productivity, derailed research programmes and expensive repairs or replacements can seriously damage businesses. A single mass spec part such as a turbo pump can easily cost more than £15,000 to replace if its normal wear and decline is ignored.
Every lab manager knows that replacing mass spec instruments is a costly business. And while lost time and research costs are hard to quantify, it’s easy to appreciate that the impact of a breakdown is far-reaching and even business-critical.
Fortunately, the solution is a simple one. A high quality preventative maintenance programme not only protects your mass spec against major breakdowns, but keeps instruments working at maximum accuracy and productivity. It’s remarkably cost-effective, too: you should expect to pay no more than 10-12% of your instrument’s purchase value for a regular, professional preventative maintenance programme.

As mass spec specialists, Providion offers outstanding preventative maintenance programmes that are tailored to your particular lab needs and:
· optimise instrument accuracy
· prevent downtime
· minimise repair costs
· record and monitor instrument health
· extend instrument life.

Want to know more? Call the Providion Mass Spectrometry Specialists NOW on 0800 030 6896 and reap the benefits of a productive, cost-effective lab.

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