Moving your mass spec – The Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to laboratory relocation nothing is more stressful than the nail-biting process of packing up and re-installing high-end instrumentation, such as analytical chromatography and mass spectrometers.


Let’s go through a few Do’s and Don’ts, to make sure that the next time your instrument (LC-MS, GC-MS or any other analytical system) travels you take the necessary precautions to protect your investment.


DO plan ahead with your move. The typical laboratory relocation often takes anywhere between 4-6 months to prepare for.


DON’T attempt a move without thinking about first considering scheduling and logistics. If there is a need to maintain a level of testing/production, this must be considered, as a reduction of resources could potentially put a strain on equipment and personnel.


DO consider the potential challenges involved with your particular move. Whether it’s samples requiring low temperature storage, particularly sensitive instrumentation or international travel, everything must be taken into account during planning to ensure success!


DON’T forget both GLP/GMP compliance. This is especially key in highly regulated environments, such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, development, and testing. Take into consideration the documentation required and the steps necessary to ensure regulatory compliance, from the start of the planning process.


DO hire professionals to guarantee the integrity of your instrumentation and to make sure the relocation is successful and smooth. Remember that standard moving companies do not have the knowledge or systems in place to handle highly sensitive and fragile analytical instruments. A small investment can you save both time and money in the long run!


DON’T forget to do a baseline performance check before instrument shutdown! This will make sure that you have a point of comparison, and that your systems are working ‘as intended’ in the new lab.


If you’re unsure or believe that the scope of work for moving your LC-MS or entire lab is beyond your logistical capabilities, then it is far better to invest in reducing stress and minimising risk.


We at Providion manage re-locations and moves, from single instruments to whole labs, both locally and internationally. Our moving team are trained specifically in safely and efficiently moving high-end instrumentation, and our air-ride suspension trucks minimise the stress of moving on analytical instruments!


Give us a call on 0800 030 6896 or email us at: to get a quote for your next move!

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