Using our online quote calculator, you can quickly and simply get a personalised estimate quote for our range of Mass Spec services. It can be used to generate prices for Service Contracts, Training Courses and Technical Support Packages allowing you to easily compare our prices to what you are currently paying in no time.

Service Contracts

The Service contract quote generator allows you to select the instrument/s that you require a contract for, down to the make and model, so that you can get a more accurate quote. It also prompts you to select the level of cover you require for each instrument, giving you details of what is included at each level to that you can be sure that you are choosing the right cover for your Waters or Sciex instrument. You have an opportunity to choose contract length as well as the option of adding OQ. All the choices you have made throughout the process can be seen on the right side of the screen throughout.

Training Courses

On the Training courses part of the quote calculator you have the choice of our Instrument Training Courses, LCMS Theory Training Course and Software Training Courses. It gives you the option of choosing where you would prefer the training take place, at our offices or your own as well as specifying further the type of training you require.

For the Instrument Training Courses, once you have specified the equipment you would like training for, you can choose from a variety of options from Basic End User Maintenance training to In-house Service Technician Training. For Software Training Courses you can choose from Sciex Analyst or Waters MassLynx.

Technical Support Packages

The calculator for our Technical Support Packages is a really quick one, as you only need select the make and model of the instrument you require the support for and choose the length of the contract and voila your quote will be generated.

After you have finished entering the details for your desired quote, it is then emailed to you using the information that you filled out at the beginning of the process. The email includes a PDF with all of the quotation details on with pricing included.

Don’t forget that the quote calculator gives you an estimated quote! Give us a call to discuss your quote in more detail, making sure to reference the quote number, as other discounts may apply.